Application Procedure



Graduates from a senior high school with a proof of HSK-4 lever1 (Chinese Level Examinaiton)(RMB:24000 yuan Per year; Duration: 4-5 years; Credit system;Teaching Language: Chinese)

Master's student:

 Graduates of Bachelor degrees or candidates with a demonstrable equivalent ability. All candidates must have been recommended by at least 2 professors or Prospective graduates from a Chinese Medical University with recommendation of the university.Students completing the first year of the Master's program must sit and pass the necessary examinations in order to continue in the programs.(RMB:32000 yuan Per Year; Duration: 3 years; Teaching Language: Chinese or English)

Doctoral student:

Graduates with a Master's degree or candidates with a demonstrable equivalent ability recommended by two professors, will be admitted as a formal student following the approval of the University and the successful completion of an entrance exam.(RMB:40000 yuan Per Year; Duration: 3 years; Teaching Language: Chinese or English)General Advanced student:Candidates with an academic record equivalent to Bachelor's degree.(RMB:28000 yuan per year ; Duration: 6 months -2 years )

Senior Advanced student:

Candidates with Master's degree or equivalent, can pursue further study on a specific subject, under the direction of Chinese supervisors.(RMB:32000 yuan per year; Duration: 6 months-2 years)  

Chinese language program requirements:

Please refer to the link:


Application Procedure

Step1: Students submit application materials online ( ;

Step 2: Material review by the university;

Step 3: Online interview;

Step 4: The university issue the admission notice, along with the visa application form for study in China (JW202) ;

Step 5: Students apply for X visa in the Chinese Embassy in your local area;

Step 6: Registration on-site or on-line within the prescribed schedule.

Each candidate should submit the following:

a.Application form to study in NJUCM.

b.A copy of passport information (beyond 6months validity since theapplication).

c.Photocopy of the highest degreecertificate: Please provide the scan-copy ofgraduation diploma and/or degreecertificate; For those who have not got thediploma yet, please provide theSchool Attendance Certificate.

d.A copy of HSK4 Certificate (exclude thosewho have finished secondary ortertiary education in Chinese).

e.A recent digital photo with the size ofone inch (2.2cm*3.2cm); Backgroundcolor shall be white, no frame; send it inJPG format and name it with yourpassport number.

f.Financial Guarantee Statement(Certificate of Deposit)

g.Criminal Record Check.

h. Health Check.

 Note: For applicants who were originally Chinese citizens but have taken up foreigncitizenship, NJUCM will execute according to the regulations set forth inDocument No. 83 (2009) of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic ofChina. Applicants shall hold a valid citizenship for no less than 4 years and arecord of residency in the country for less than 2 years in the most recent 4years.       

The International Education College of the university is currently accepting applications for all programs. The online application link is as below:

For any consultation, please contact our admission office via email at (Ms Hui) or (Ms Gao) or Tel: 86-25-86798167