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Introduction of NJUCM


International Education College (Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan Education Center), as an important characteristic teaching institution, is responsible for enrolling and training overseas students, including students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, organizing and implementing international Chinese education. The College offers degree education at undergraduate, master and doctoral levels and all types of short-term training programs. The organization of the College includes the Admin Office, Enrolment Office, Student Management Office, Teaching Management Office, Chinese Training Center, Research Office of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, and Research Office of Application of TCM in a Foreign Language. The College is fully responsible for enrolling and accepting all types of overseas students, arranging the teaching plans, and providing desirable services for the learning and life of various students.
The College offers 19 bachelor’s degree programs for overseas students, including Traditional Chinese medicine, Acumox and Tuina, Chinese Pharmacology, Chinese and Western Clinical Medicine, Pharmaceutical Preparation, Clinical Medicine, Food Hygiene and Nutrition, Marketing, and Applied Psychology, 21 master’s degree programs, including Basic Theories of TCM, Clinical Basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical History and Philology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Science of Prescriptions, Chinese Internal Medicine, Surgery of Chinese Medicine, TCM Orthopedics, TCM Gynecology, Chinese Pharmacology, and Nursing etc.; 15 doctoral programs, including Clinical Basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical History and Philology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Science of Prescriptions, Gynecology of Chinese Medicine, Pediatrics of Chinese Medicine, Acumox and Tuina, and Chinese Pharmacology. Over the recent years, the College has actively made more efforts to reform the course teaching for overseas students, with Acupuncture and Tuina having been selected as the quality courses of Jiangsu Province taught in English to overseas students in China.
The College maintains a relatively improved scholarship system, forming the scholarship system for overseas students at the national, provincial, city and school levels, including Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, Scholarship for Excellent Overseas Students in China, Jiangsu Government Scholarship of Jasmine Studying Abroad, Nanjing Municipal Government Scholarship for Foreign Students, and NJUCM Scholarship for Excellent Overseas Students, etc.
The College highly values the construction of video-based teaching base, and has established a variety of practical teaching bases at all levels, forming a system of practical teaching bases featured by distinctive layers, well-defined teaching functions, and having the practical teaching bases of the affiliate hospital, the School of Clinical Medicine Combining TCM and Western Medicine, and the teaching hospital community as the main part, and providing overseas students with sufficient guarantee of practical teaching base.
International Education College (Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan Education Center) enjoys highly qualified faculty team with solid strength, who have rich clinical and teaching experience, understands the developments of acupuncture in TCM, grasps the learning characteristics and requirements of the students, and combines the teaching closely with the clinical practice. Along with the constant development of the foreign educational exchanges, the College has been expanding the scale of overseas students, and has cultivated more than 8,000 professionals for over 90 countries and regions so far.
Annually, the College organizes cross-cultural communication activities in diversified forms and with rich contents. It has formed Overseas Students Association and other student clubs, which have helped give play to the special roles of overseas students in club activities. The overseas students are active in more than one hundred student clubs of the College, and dozens of them have made outstanding performance in medical bridge engineering, farmer health project in one hundred villages and other public welfare practice projects. Of them, Wen Zijin, a student from Malaysia has been granted the title of “A Nationally Excellent Young Volunteer”; while improving his professional and practical abilities, the student has deepened the understanding of traditional Chinese culture.
In the future, the College will continue committing itself to the global communication of traditional Chinese medicine culture and make more contributions to the progress of building a higher-level, more characteristic and international version of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.