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Medical Insurance

All students studying at our school for half a year or longer must purchase medical insurance during their study.


Self-paying students:


1. International students must purchase the "Comprehensive Welfare Protection for Foreigners in China" designated by university.


Purchase method: follow the official “Expat Insurance Services” (外籍保险服务) WeChat account shown below and purchase according to the instructions.



2. Students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan need to purchase the “Basic Medical Insurance for Urban Residents”.


At the beginning of every new school year, the university’s medical insurance office organizes and handles university students’ insurance registration, payment, and other relevant tasks. For details, please refer to the “Implementation Measures of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine students' Participation in Urban Residents' Basic Medical Insurance”.


Government-sponsored scholarship students:


1. CSC Scholarship Students -- The school will purchase the “Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Plan for Foreigners” from Ping An Endowment Insurance Company Limited.


Outpatient medical expenses of less than 650 yuan will be paid by the students’ own living expenses. For medical expenses above 650 yuan, please contact the insurance company for compensation. The insurance company’s phone number is 4008105119 ext. 1. Please refer to the insurance company’s website ( for details about insurance claims.


Procedures to get medical treatment:


If you feel unwell, call 4008105119 ext. 1 – insurance confirmation, medical advice, hospital recommendation, department recommendation.


If you require hospitalization, call 4008105119 ext. 1 – please remember your CSC number so that you can provide it to the insurance company.


2. Jiangsu Jasmine Flower Full Scholarship Students -- The school will purchase the "Comprehensive Welfare Guarantee for Foreigners in China"