Student Life
Photo Show "Jiangsu in foreigners' eyes" of Chinese Language Students [2016-12-26]
International students participate in the Chinese Medicine Knowledge Contest of the University [2015-12-01]
International College held a welcome gathering for Freshmen of Grade2015 [2015-10-23]
Cultural field-visits for Chinese Language students of International Education College [2015-06-30]
Design Contest of Graduation T-shirt [2015-06-15]
Fund Collection for Earthquake Victims in Nepal [2015-05-07]
Diaplay of chinese culture learning outcome (ii) video [2014-07-01]
Diaplay of chinese culture learning outcome (i) [2014-07-01]
China in our eyes—overseas students’ photography contest was organized by International Education Coll... [2014-04-18]
2013 “ Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Painting in Jiangsu ----------- Games of Chinese Calligraphy and... [2014-01-15]
2013 “ Love in Nanjing------ Nanjing International Cultural Communications” [2014-01-15]
2013 “ One World One Family, Joy in Dragon Boat Festival” ----------- Dragon Boat Festival Gala by Ch... [2014-01-15]
2013 Spring outgoing to South An’hui Province [2014-01-15]
2013 Sports Games in China ---------- Overseas Students’ Experience of Sunshine Sports Culture [2014-01-15]
2013 Vigorous Youth, Infinite Charm -------- Overseas Students Join in 36th Campus Sports Games [2014-01-15]