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2017-- A Guidebook for Overseas Postgraduate Students
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I Admission Requirements


(1) Qualifications:

1. Candidates must be non-Chinese citizens (with a foreign passport).

2. Pre-requisites for masters’ degree program application:

A university degree equals to a Chinese bachelor's degree, or candidates with a demonstrable equivalency such as the following: having a diploma comparable to a Chinese professional/vocational college level, study of TCM knowledge from a TCM institute and working experience in medical-related field for over 2 years.

Pre-requisites for doctoral program application:

 A Master’s degree or candidates with a demonstrable equivalency such as: A university degree comparable to a Chinese bachelor’s degree, and relevant work experience in a related field for over 6 years.


Good health status and character.


All candidates must receive at least two recommendations from 2 associate professors or scholars with equivalent titles.



For master degree candidates applying for a professional degree in clinical medicine (initial part of the discipline code is 1057), the student must hold a bachelor’s degree and have graduated from a 5-year undergraduate Chinese TCM university program in mainland China (3-year vocational TCM programs + 2-year undergraduate programs or any similar forms are not accepted).

For candidates sitting the Mainland Medical Licensing Examination, please refer to the “2014 examination of doctors' qualifications” handbook prior to online registration.

Self-supported post-graduate students in part-time and full time programs. 


(2) Online registration dates:


Master degree candidates: December 2016-June 2017

Doctoral degree candidates: December 2016-June 2017


II Methods of assessment (assessment models)

Master’s degree application:

Apply using the application–verification process found on the university website at  (Click English---Registration---Applicatoin Procedure)

After receiving the application form, the university will verify the students’ personal documentation. No written examination is required. Candidates’ results will be sent through email from or


Doctoral application:

Use of application-evaluation process:

Only one supervisor is available for each candidate.

The evaluation content should be centered on the acquisition of basic acquired knowledge and research capacity. This format is mainly based on a comprehensive interview and oral examination.


III Acceptance

A merit-based process will be organized for students’ entry to the university after collecting all candidates’ registration documents and their comprehensive interview performance evaluation.


IV Entrance schedule

This will be arranged by the International Education College. Please contact the college at or;


V Duration

3 years for full-time studies and no more than 5 years for part-time studies.


VI Degree awarded

Students deemed as obtaining sufficient credits and a successful thesis defense, will be recognized as such and granted the relevant degree by NUCM.


VII Contact


Tel: 86-25-86798167



International Education College

Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Xian Lin Da Dao 138,Nanjing.China