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Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
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Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman is a private university was founded in 2002. Now in business, finance, accounting, medicine, Chinese medicine, science, and journalism. The first student only 411, now the school has reached more than 19000. Raman university is a vibrant prosperity has four campus - three in Klang Valley, in perak. In the Klang Valley campus located in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya (Petaling Jaya) and selangor. The courses are offered each is different, is to choose which campus to a specific course. Schools now opened from undergraduate to PhD courses. Major professional: accounting, actuarial science, agricultural science, applied mathematics, architecture, biology, chemistry, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, business management, chemical engineering, traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese research, civil engineering, business, accounting, advertising, broadcasting, journalism, public relations, children's education, financial and economic, electrical and electronic engineering, English education, English, finance, information engineering, international trade, international shipping, marketing, logistics and petroleum chemical engineering, microbiology, medicine, etc.