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Università di Roma
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The first of the university of Rome or at the university of Rome, is also called a large of Rome. In 1303, according to the Pope boni method focal vii issued an ordered, the Roman church realized through the dream of a century to establish a seminary, new, called Studium Urbis school open to the public. In 1305-1377, the French Pope clement v will teach WeiNi weng, o moved to Rome city management during the period of the city, the first university to have the prestige (1363). Rome In 1431 at the time of the first university, led by the Vatican Pope er jie new iv, under the support of law through called Supremae In reconstruction, then In addition to the professor of theology at the university of Rome first began to set up the Greek literature course, timely are driving the spread of humanism, also known as "Sapienza" (wisdom) university has a reputation.