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Campus Card
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  Campus card is a kind of campus service card set by the university for convenience of students’ study life. It can be used for borrowing books from the school library, internet business. When bound with industrial and commercial bank  (ICBC) card and recharged, it can also be used in canteens and supermarkets inside campus.

  Campus cards of new students are transacted collectively by the college at the beginning of the semester. (The student must provide the account name and card number of the ICBC card bound with the campus card). The first time transaction is free. Please take good care of your campus card. If it is lost, please go to the campus card management center in time (on the second floor of the supermarket next to the first canteen, providing campus card loss report, electricity purchase, water card recharge and other services) for loss reporting procedures and reapply for a new card (cost of card 20RMB).

  I Notices about current campus card system

  1. In order to ensure the stability of the system, campus card management center staff conduct the system restart and maintenance 9: 00 - 9: 30 a.m everyday. During this period, the campus card may not work for normal consumption and recharging. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thanks for your understanding.

  2. To ensure the safety of personal account, the student has to bring his student ID card for loss report, loss report remove, chip data rewriting, card taking in campus card management center.

  II Campus card online self-service manual

  1. Login campus card online self-service inquiry system main page: open the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine campus network homepage -- > financial network -- > campus card consumption query -- > campus card online self-service system.

  2. User login: the undergraduate or graduate student on campus logins with the student number. The password is the last six numbers of the bank card.

  3. If your lost the campus card or bank card is found by others and sent to campus card management center, it will be registered in lost-and-found information bar of campus card online loss report self-service system. Please go to campus card management center to claim it with your student ID card.

  4. Every Monday 9: 00 - 9: 30 a.m the server is shut down for maintenance. So you can not login the system during the time.