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  Library is an important place for self-learning. It helps us to explore and study all sorts of knowledge. It is an indispensable partner in campus life.

  The second floor of the library (enter from the main entrance) provides medical, literatural, and other kinds of books and magazines for everyone. It is a sea of knowledge and culture. The third floor is the reading room with medical magazines where students can read books. The four floor is the self-study classroom, providing a good study environment for students.

  Library self-service system: the library has self-service system, students can query by the computer and manage the books needed. Both the username and password for the first time logining are S+student number for undergraduates, G+student number for graduates. The password can be changed after logining. Entering the system, students can do a series of operations like to query, renew, and order the book, which is very convenient.

  Library network database search: enter the library web site:, document retrieval and the library online management are very clear , with all kinds of databases available on the left.

Library opening hours:

Monday to Friday 9: 00a.m—8: 30p.m (reading rooms, periodical rooms)

Saturday to Sunday 9: 30a.m—4: 00p.m(reading rooms, periodical rooms)

Monday to Sunday 9: 00a.m—10: 00p.m (electronic reading rooms, self-study classrooms)

Time for borrowing and returning books:

Monday to Friday 9: 00a.m—5: 00p.m

Saturday morning 9: 30a.m—11: 30a.m Afternoon 1: 30p.m—3: 30p.m

The book can be kept for one month, please don't forget to return it by the due time, otherwise you'll pay fines or be forbidden to borrow any book again.

Library website: