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Food, daily supplies and traffic in campus
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  About food

  There are two canteens in the campus. The first canteen is the nearest for students living in area E and the first, second, and third dormitory management stations of area C in dormitory zone, and the students having class in B4—B8 teaching buildings. The second canteen services for students living in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth dormitory management stations of area C in dormitory zone. There are various attractive pies and Tangbao(a steamed dumpling filled with minced meat and gravy) on the first floor of the first canteen. The second floor has Shaxian snacks, barrel rice and other nice food. The third floor provides dish-order service. The first floor of the second canteen has richer varieties, Awang fried rice, all kinds of pasta, pancakes, fast food, etc. The second floor has all kinds of special snacks of different places, Malatang and hotpot. The restaurant on the third floor is the best choice for students to have a dinner party.

  About daily supplies

  Dormitory Management Service

  Each apartment has a dormitory management station providing good service.

  The service of each dormitory management station is not the same, so if there is anything not clear, don’t hesitate to ask the Auntie in dormitory management station, the Dormitory Management Station Aunties are always very warmhearted to help.

  Electricity supply: the electricity bill is self-paid, students need to go to the campus card management center to recharge or recharge online, website is, the password is the last six numbers of the bank card. Please go to the Dormitory Management Station Auntie for balance inquiries.

  Clothes washing:  Dormitory management stations of area C have coin-operated washing machines. Overseas students of area C and E are allowed to purchase and install washing machines themselves. Besides, there is a laundry in the living area of the campus (next to Bosi Bookstore).

      Mobile business hall

On campus:

You can find China Mobile, China Union and China Telecom in the Students Pioneer Park inside the College(near the Yangqing Pool).

Off campus:

China Mobile

1. At the intersection between the Wenyuan Road and the Xuejin Road

(Wenyuan Road Station by bus No.97/146/331)

2. 89 Wenlan Road

(In the office building of the Zijin College of Nanjing University of Sci&Tech)

3. At the intersection between the Wenyuan Road and the Xuesi Road

China Union

1. Around the shopping centre of Xianlin Science&Technology town

2. At the intersection of the Wenyuan Road and the Xuejin Road (Wenyuan Road Station by bus No.97/146/331)

China Telecom

1. Room 9,Unit4,Block Kangqiaoshengfei on the Wenyuan Road

2. Room 6,Unit 31,Block Xiangzhangyuan on the No.9 Shanhu Road


On campus:

ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) ATM Machine: beside the Yangqing Pool

Off campus:

ABC(Agricultural Bank of China)


1. At the intersection between the Wenyuan Road and the Xuejin Road (Wenyuan Road Station by bus No.97)

2. On Floor G, Building E of Golden Eagle Outlets, Xuehai Road (NUFE---Nanjing University of Finance and Economics Station by bus No.97/146/331)

3. 108 Wenyuan Road

Personal service:

4. Unit 46, Xianlongwan Villa at the intersection between the Xianyin North Road and Xianlin Avenue

CBC(China Construction Bank)


1. At the intersection between the Xianyin North Road and the Wenyuan Road beside the Suguo Supermarket

Personal service:

2. On Floor 1, Dongcheng Hui,8 Wenyuan Road (Wenyuan West Road Station by bus No.97/146/331)

3. Yadong Underground Commercial Street, 5 Xueheng Road


ICBC(Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)


1. 29 Xuehai Road (new campus of Nanjing Technology and Teaching College)

2. Xianlin campus of Nanjing University,163 Xianlin Road

   Personal service:

3.  Room 3, No.162, Heyuan of Nanjing University on the Xianlin Road

4.  SUB-BRANCH of ICBC, No.11-106 Yizhu Garden,Yongmei Villa,Wenyuan Road

BOC (Bank of China)


1. No.5-101, Floor G,Building E of Golden Eagle Outlets,1 Xuehai Road

2. Floor 1, Dachengmingdian Park,108 Wenyuan Road

3. Inside the Xianlin campus of Nanjing University,163 Xianlin Road

Personal service:

4. Shangcheng Landscape Garden,18 Yajin Road


On campus: Huacheng Supermarket (behind the First Dining Hall)

Off campus: Huarun Suguo Supermarket:Xueheng Road

Xueze Road Station by Subway line 2

Xueheng Road Station by bus No.322

Yadong new District Station by bus No.97/146/331

  Bathroom: Each apartment in area E has a bathroom, equipped with electric water heater, which can provide 24h hot water. Each apartment of overseas students in building 31, area C has three shower rooms, providing 24h plug-in campus card hot water service. The public bathroom inside campus is next to the second boiler room. Opening hours are different in different seasons, please pay attention to the posters in dormitory management stations for specific notice.

   Special Notice:

   Because electric circuit and the capacity of area C are limited, and the dormitory students are concentrated, for everyone's life and property safety, it is forbidden to use water heater, electric furnace, electric teapot and other electric appliances in area C. And this kind of heating appliances do not work in a stable condition, so it is not safe, causing problems easily. This year, dormitory fire happened more frequently in universities, and most of them were caused by these electric appliances.  So area C students, please stay away from these electric appliances, for life and property safety of yourself, and also others.

   * Students of area C can rent drinking machine from the dormitory management station or buy thermos bottles to take water. There are two water taking places in the campus, respectively D2 (next to C7) and D11 (next to Xianlin bathroom).

  About traffic

  There are some shopping centres around the campus. Students can go there shopping in free time.

  Jin Ying Ao Lai Cheng (Golden Eagle Outlet) (Metro Line 2, Xian Lin Zhong Xin Station): the biggest shopping centre in Xianlin, a good choice for shopping and party.

  Dong Cheng Hui (bus 97, Wen Yuan Lu Xi Zhan/ Metro Line 2, Xue Ze Lu Station): the shopping centre for shopping, dining and leisure.

  Da Cheng Ming Dian (Metro Line 2, Xian Lin Zhong Xin Station): a place of various small shops, nice price, general shopping environment.

  Ya Dong New District and Ya Dong Commercial Street (Metro Line 2, Xue Ze Lu Station): There are various snacks, entertainment places, and the biggest nearby Suguo supermarket with a variety of goods.

  The main stations and traffic routes

      Recommendation: Nanjing bus website

      (Input Departure Station and Destination Station, a variety of traffic routes will show and it estimates the taxi price. It is very practical.)

  Railway station (Nanjing Zhan): 97W——Nanjjing Huoche Zhan (Nanjing Railway Station)

  Railway station (Nanjing Nan Zhan): Metro Line 2——Xinjiekou Station, transfer to Metro Line 1——Nanjing Nan Zhan (NanJing South Railway Station)

  Bus station (Zhongyangmen Zhan): 97W——Xinzhuang, transfer to 10W——Zhongyangmen(Long-distance Bus Station)

  Bus station(Changtudongzhan): 97W——Changtudongzhan (East Long-distance Bus Station)

  Lukou Airport: Metro Line 2——Xi’anmen Station, Walk to No. 221, Longpanzhonglu Road, airport bus line 1——Lukou Airport

  Special Notice:

  Around the campus there are few licensed taxi. Vehicles without TEXI logo and pricing system around the school gate and subway stations are unlicensed vehicles with no guarantee of safety, so please try to take public vehicles!

  Bikes are recommended around the campus which are economic, green, and healthy. They are available in big supermarkets. Unlicensed fuel motorcycle and moped are forbidden in Nanjing, so please do not buy them so as to avoid legal problems. If there is heavy-load need, electric bicycle is advised, and one needs to solve the problem of electricity charge himself.